Quality First, Safety Guaranteed

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    Our Technology

    Adopt advanced production technology, more than ten processes.

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    Our Product

    The raw materials used in the production of the products are all selected with high quality.

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    Our Service

    Guaranteed to give you a quotation within 6 hours.

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    Our Factory

    Established for 28+ years, is the top in supermarket equipment industry.

News Information

Let's take our development to a higher level

  • What is the use of a flat trolley?

    The flat trolley is a small handling vehicle that is mainly driven by human power and is generally used to transport goods horizontally on the road without power. The load capacity of a trolley is ...

  • How should supermarket shelves be placed?

    The aisle of a supermarket is the route for customers to walk and shop in the shop. Its good or bad design is related to whether customers can achieve shopping smoothly, thus affecting the economic...

Our Partner

We will increase and strengthen the partnerships we have.

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